We're building the first Amazon labor union in the United States. Let's make history.

An independent, worker-led movement for job security, union pay, better working conditions, and worker power and dignity at Amazon.com, Inc.

Hello, friends and fellow workers. We're hard at work (as ALU volunteers, in addition to our Amazon jobs) doing all we can to build the democratic power of Amazon workers in the United States—with an independent labor union, run by the workers, to defend worker rights and build collective worker power. We've won the first union election victory at Amazon in the United States, and we're working to train Associates across the country to organize with their coworkers and build our national movement to empower workers.  

What can you do to help make history?

If you're an Amazon worker in Staten Island, you can sign up with the ALU now!

If you want more information about the union, you can read the web posts, browse our digital resources, read press stories, subscribe to our weekly newsletter, email us, follow us on social media, or best of all, find us onsite in front of JFK8 and talk to us directly. If you want to join the campaign as an organizer, sign up to join the team.

If you want to get a job at Amazon in Staten Island and join the union cause, get in touch. If you want to organize an ALU chapter at your Amazon workplace, get in touch. If you're a supporter who wants to contribute to the union, you can give to our Solidarity Fund or visit our Action Portal for more ways to help us win a union contract.

The easiest way to support our movement is to buy ALU gear in our online shop.  

If you have questions about the Amazon Labor Union, about how unions function, about how Amazon functions, read our posts, send us an email, discuss with us!

Art by Dan Mendez Moore, Comics Against the 1% (@danielmendezmoore)—thanks for sharing in solidarity!

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