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April 2022

Labor Experts Dismissed the Quixotic Amazon Union Drive on Staten Island. Then They Won. - New York Focus
“I told the workers beforehand that they would lose based on the ‘numbers.’ They said they knew the workers. They were right!”
Amazon Workers on Staten Island Clinch a Historic Victory
It’s the magical stuff of Disney movies. But yesterday, the improbable became the most probable when the scrappy band of workers who make up the Amazon Labor Union took the lead in a union election at a warehouse in Staten Island, New York, putting within reach a historic labor win at the corporate…
Amazon Workers Who Won a Union Their Way Open Labor Leaders’ Eyes
The success of an independent drive has organized labor asking whether it should take more of a back seat.
The Amazon Labor Union Took On America’s Most Powerful Company—and Won
In 2020 Chris Smalls was fired for organizing a walkout in protest of Amazon’s COVID safety procedures. Now he’s the president of the first Amazon union in the country.
‘The model is listening’: union’s win at Amazon hatched in a small apartment
A suburban two-bedroom apartment was the HQ from which Amazon’s multimillion-dollar anti-union effort was defeated
Is Organized Labor Making a Comeback?
America’s labor leaders need to make sure that the unionization strategy used at Amazon spreads to other workplaces.
How to Unionize at Amazon
On Staten Island, it made all the difference that the union was independent and led by workers from the warehouse, not managed by a large, outside organization.
New York warehouse workers vote to form first U.S. union at Amazon
Workers at an Inc warehouse in New York City voted to form the first union at the second-largest U.S. private employer, a victory that adds to recent grassroots successes by labor activists pushing into new industries.
Amazon Workers on Staten Island Vote to Unionize in Landmark Win for Labor
Despite heavy lobbying by the company, workers at the facility voted by a wide margin for a union. It was seen as a rebuke of the company’s treatment of its employees.
Amazon workers in New York make history by voting to form union
‘Historic victory’ as Staten Island workers vote 2,654 to 2,131 in favor, in first successful US organizing effort in Amazon’s history
Amazon workers on Staten Island vote for company’s first unionized warehouse in U.S.
The outcome represents a landmark win for organized labor, which has for years tried to organize Amazon warehouse and delivery workers.
Amazon Warehouse Workers Win Historic Union Election
The Amazon Labor Union won the vote in the face of relentless union busting from one of the most powerful companies in the world.

March 2022

Mandatory Meetings Reveal Amazon’s Approach to Resisting Unions
The company has held hundreds of meetings with workers to discourage them from supporting a union in two upcoming elections.
Amazon Is Bombarding Workers With Union-Busting Messages
Amazon’s largest New York City warehouse could become the company’s first union shop in the United States. Workers begin voting in the union election on Friday.
Amazon faces rising union push in United States
Christian Smalls no longer works at Amazon’s JFK8 warehouse in New York, but he still sees former colleagues every day at the bus stop as they head into work.
Amazon Labor Union builds community coalition to organize retail giant in Staten Island
STATEN ISLAND, N.Y.—The union election for Amazon workers at the company’s JFK8 warehouse here is set to begin this Friday, March 25th. If the Amazon Labor Union is successful and the workers vote to unionize, it will be a historic victory.
Dueling campaigns on Staten Island — a fight over unionizing Amazon
In a two-part series, NY1 takes an exclusive look.
US workers in new push for level playing field in unionization efforts
Workers are calling for the National Labor Relations Board to ban captive audience meetings and make organizing easier
National Labor Board Demands Amazon Reinstate Fired Worker Activist
The rare request signals the NLRB wants to aggressively enforce the law to protect Amazon workers who are retaliated against for union organizing.
Amazon Launches Brutal Crackdown at Staten Island Warehouse Ahead of Union Vote
Workers at Amazon’s Staten Island warehouse could become the first in the country to vote yes to a union this month—and employees say the company’s now putting the screws on.
Amazon’s union fight: Here’s what’s happening now
The company and its workers have been at odds for years, and things are only getting more tense.
Labor Advocates Denounce Amazon’s Presence at Workplace Safety Conference
Amazon is the top donor at a workplace safety conference attended by the same government workers that investigates the delivery behemoth.
Amazon, Starbucks and REI: A new crop of NYC union organizers may be having a moment
There has been a flurry of high-profile union organizing in New York City in recent months. And as the U.S. economy struggles to fill open jobs, workers have a rare upper hand.
Workers Power Day builds solidarity for Amazon, Starbucks workers
In solidarity with Starbucks, Amazon and all worker organizing, the Support Amazon Workers Network declared Feb. 26 a “Workers Power Day.” That day, the 10th anniversary of the racist murder of Trayvon Martin, was chosen to link the struggle for worker rights to the struggle against racism. Actions
Cracking the Leviathan: Workers at Amazon
An estimated 60 percent of U.S. adults are Prime members–that includes 82 percent of households with income over $150,000. A survey by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners revealed 93 percent of Prime members keep their subscription after their first year, 98 percent do after their second year, a…
A Second Amazon Site on Staten Island Will Have a Union Election
The National Labor Relations Board approved the voting at a warehouse next to JFK8, where another election is in progress.
WATCH: NYPD Arrests Amazon Union Organizers at Staten Island Warehouse
The worker organizers were delivering lunch to Amazon warehouse associates during their break.
Amazon accused of violating U.S. labor law after union supporters’ arrests
A group of Inc workers seeking to form a union in New York filed a charge with U.S. labor regulators on Thursday after a high-profile organizer and a pair of employees were arrested outside a company warehouse, according to documents obtained by Reuters.
NYPD can’t side with Amazon
The Police Department, perhaps unwittingly, got involved in a labor dispute Feb. 23 when officers were summoned to Amazon’s Staten Island facility after the Assistant General Manager there called to …
Punching In: Amazon Organizers Target a Potent Anti-Union Weapon
Amazon was recently hit with unfair labor practice allegations that could give the NLRB’s Democratic majority a chance to ban what’s called “captive audience meetings,” one of the most potent weapons employers use to repel union campaigns.
U.S. business casts a wary eye at the surging labor movement led by young and optimistic activists
More than 100 stores across the U.S. are pushing for elections.
Amazon Warehouse Workers Want to Feel Safe
At a rally at the facility where a tornado killed six people, protesters from across the region demanded better protections for workers.
Unions Can Prevent Workplace Disasters
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February 2022

A union election at the Amazon warehouse on Staten Island is set for March.
The timing of the vote coincides with an election at Amazon’s warehouse in Bessemer, Ala., outside Birmingham.
Amazon workers on Staten Island will vote on whether to unionize next month
Workers at one of Amazon’s Staten Island warehouses will vote on whether to unionize next month, via an in-person election held in a tent outside the facility.
Momentum Builds For Amazon Union On Staten Island, Despite Company Pushback
Workers say a second union drive announced this week went ahead despite Amazon’s heavy-handed tactics.
Amazon warehouse workers in New York City receive OK to vote on union
“We quickly bounced back” and kept gathering signatures, organizer Christian Smalls said after getting green light from NLRB.
​Two Amazon warehouses in Staten Island are trying to unionize
February 2, 2022 Two groups of workers in two of Amazon’s Staten Island warehouses have filed petitions with the National Labor Relations Board to ask for a vote to unionize, becoming only the second serious union effort at the country’s second-largest private employer. The union, called Amazo…
“Occupy The Breakroom!” Amazon Union Prepares for Election Showdown at Staten Island Warehouse
Only the second time that Amazon workers have forced a union election against their notoriously anti-union employer.
Amazon workers at a second Staten Island warehouse file petition for union election
Amazon Labor Union is now seeking to represent workers at two Amazon warehouses on New York’s Staten Island.
LEAKED AUDIO: Amazon Union Buster Warns Workers ‘Things Could Become Worse’
An Amazon union avoidance official told unionizing workers in New York City that it’s possible negotiations would begin with minimum-wage pay as a starting point.
Inside the fight to unionize Amazon on Staten Island
A national labor battle has arrived on Staten Island.

January 2022

Labor regulator accuses Amazon of intimidation as union drives move forward
Amazon broke labor laws in Staten Island, prosecutors for the National Labor Relations Board say. A union wants a controversial mailbox removed in Alabama.
Amazon Told Workers Union Organizers Are ‘Thugs,’ Labor Board Investigation Finds
Amazon representatives also asked workers for their “grievances” with the “express promise” to fix them if workers did not support the union, the complaint states.
Amazon Activist’s Firing Deemed Illegal by Labor Board Officials
U.S. labor board prosecutors plan to formally accuse Inc. of illegally firing an activist who was trying to unionize its New York warehouses, unless the company first settles the case.
The NLRB says it will hit Amazon with an illegal dismissal case if it doesn’t settle with a pro-union warehouse worker
The NLRB found merit in a claim that Smith was fired in retaliation for his union activity, an NLRB spokesperson told Bloomberg and Insider.
Amazon law-breaking forces national settlement with Labor Board
CHICAGO—Amazon’s labor law-breaking against its workers in cases involving a warehouse in Staten Island, N.Y., and two Chicago-area ones, in Cicero and Gage Park, forced the exploitative monster firm to settle a National Labor Relations Board case against it.
NLRB ruling an organizing tool for Amazon union drive
Amazon’s vicious union busting has come under widespread scrutiny by the world’s working class — and even by some elements of the ruling class. The National Labor Relations Board, created in 1935 to regulate the sharp battles between labor and capital, has ordered a new election at the Besse
Amazon Hires Trump Hotel Union Buster
Amazon has hired an anti-union consultant used by Trump International Hotels to crush a union drive at its largest New York City warehouse, new disclosures show.
What Happens When Amazon Comes to Town - The River
The US’s largest employer is building two facilities in the Mid-Hudson Valley. That’s not necessarily a good thing.
‘I’m still in pain’: Amazon employees say climate of fear has led to high rates of injuries
Workers say Amazon’s ‘excessively rapid work pace’, surveillance and disciplinary systems have created a dangerous environment
Workers cite awful conditions inside Amazon’s monstrous Staten Island “fulfillment center”
STATEN ISLAND, N.Y.—What’s it like toiling inside a big Amazon warehouse, which the corporate behemoth euphemistically calls “a fulfillment center”? In a word, say two workers inside the largest of the firm’s four warehouses on Staten Island, N.Y., it’s awful.
Amazon delays compliance with NYC coronavirus vaccine mandate
‘Employees tell us the rapid implementation of this mandate has created scheduling challenges for vaccine appointments.’
Hundreds of Amazon Employees Are Out on COVID Leave at a Single Warehouse
Motherboard obtained an internal roster from New York City’s largest Amazon warehouse showing 552 workers are out on “LeaveWithPay” and 1,254 workers are out on “Leave.”
Ailing Amazon workers struggle to find Covid tests themselves
Amazon employees are feeling the effects of the company’s changed response to Covid. As cases are rising, Covid tests and sick leave are harder to secure.

December 2021

Amazon Reaches Labor Deal, Giving Workers More Power to Organize
The agreement’s national scope and its concessions to organizing go further than any previous settlement that the e-commerce giant has made.
Amazon Labor Board Settlement is ‘Crucial’ for Union Organizing
A sweeping settlement between Inc. and the federal labor board could give unions their best chance yet to establish a beachhead in efforts to organize workers at the nation’s largest e-commerce company.
Labor organizers at Amazon’s Staten Island warehouse refile petition for a union election.
Organizers are aiming to form a new union, the Amazon Labor Union.
Amazon warehouse workers on Staten Island refile union petition
The group, called Amazon Labor Union, is looking to organize workers across four company warehouses on Staten Island.
Amazon labor group refiles union election petition at NYC warehouse, demands return of COVID-19 hazard pay
The group demanded the return of hazard pay: “In light of the increasing severity of the COVID-19 pandemic and the Omicron variant.”
Amazon workers in SI walk out during holiday rush, revive union push
Amazon warehouse workers in Staten Island revived their push for union representation and staged a walkout on Wednesday in protest of what they said are unfair labor practices during the breakneck …
“They were spying on us”: Amazon, Walmart, use surveillance technology to bust unions
An estimated 60 percent of large employers use workplace monitoring tools, some of which can be used to chill organizing.
Amazon unionizers at a Staten Island warehouse said a visit by the NYPD quickly turned sour. One was handcuffed and held in a cell, they said, and both received court summonses.
Chris Smalls and Brett Daniels, the Amazon unionizers, said their interactions with police had been uneventful — until November 15.
Deadly Collapse at Amazon Warehouse Puts Spotlight on Phone Ban
An Inc. warehouse collapse on Friday night that killed at least six people has amplified concerns among its blue collar workforce about the return of the internet retailer’s mobile phone ban in work areas.
Amazon’s employee surveillance fuels unionization efforts: ‘It’s not prison, it’s work’
Amazon’s warehouse workers cite the constant monitoring of them as a reason for press for union representation.

November 2021

Hidden Pandemic: Amazon’s Secrecy And Obstruction During The COVID-19 Crisis - Strategic Organizing Center
A new report released by the Strategic Organizing Center (SOC) shows that Amazon, despite having announced publicly in October 2020 that it had identified nearly 20,000 COVID cases nationally among its employees, subsequently reported only 27 cases of “respiratory conditions” (the category in which…
Attorney General James Seeks Emergency Relief to Protect Rights and Safety of Amazon Workers
Click to read more.
New York’s AG is trying to force Amazon to re-hire a worker it fired after he led a protest over COVID-19 safety conditions
New York Attorney General Letitia James also said Amazon’s COVID-19 safety protections were inadequate and violated state law.
A Homeless Amazon Worker Tried to Organize a Union. Then Amazon Fired Him. - New York Focus
Daequan Smith loved working at an Amazon warehouse in Staten Island. After he started organizing with the Amazon Labor Union, he found himself out of a job.
Leaked Audio: Amazon Workers Grill Managers at Anti-Union Meeting
“We are putting the company on our back 10 hours a day...They’re taking time away from our breaks. There is no voice here.”
“Pure Lies!“Leaked Audio of Amazon’s Union-Busting Meeting Shows HR Officials Pushing Workers Against Unionizing
Status Coup obtained audio that drops the curtain on one of the mandatory, daily anti-union meetings Amazon has been holding at its JFK8 Staten Island warehouse where workers are trying to organize a union
NYC Black Friday Action: “Make Amazon Pay”
Workers Assembly Against Racism issued the following news release Nov. 22. Global Day of Protest, Black Friday − Nov. 26, 6:00 P.M. (new time), 212 Fifth Avenue, NYC Amazon workers to march from Jeff Bezos’ $119 million Manhattan residence to the $40 million penthouse of Starbucks executiv
Black Friday Strikes and Protests Target Amazon in 20 Countries
On Black Friday, workers around the world are targeting Amazon under the banner of Make Amazon Pay. The actions span the supply chain and traverse borders — just like Amazon itself.
Amazon unleashes cops on union organizers
Nov. 18 press release from Movement Media has been slightly edited. The militant mood of workers, whose increasing strikes and union drives are making headlines, erupted Nov. 11 during a union-busting, captive-audience meeting called by Amazon bosses at the company’s Staten Island facilities.

October 2021

‘Everybody’s excited’: Amazon workers in Staten Island to file for union vote
Amazon Labor Union bids to create independent union group – but workers say the company has openly opposed their effort
Amazon warehouse workers on Staten Island seek union vote
The independent Amazon Labor Union is seeking recognition by the National Labor Relations Board, setting up an employee vote at four locations.
Bid to unionize Amazon workers in New York nears milestone | AP News
NEW YORK (AP) — A bid to unionize Amazon workers at a distribution center in New York City neared an important milestone, as organizers prepared to deliver hundreds of signatures to the National Labor Relations Board as soon as Monday for authorization to hold a vote.
Amazon workers go for bottom-up organizing in Staten Island drive
STATEN ISLAND, N.Y.—It’s not unique in the history of workers, but the Amazon workers at the retail monster’s Staten Island fulfillment center and four warehouses are trying something relatively rare: Forming their own independent union and organizing from the bottom up.
Amazon workers prepared to “fight” after company claims unions aren’t good for employees
“Amazon will tirelessly fight against us for it, but that’s a fight we’re ready for,” the Amazon Union Labor told Newsweek.
Amazon workers in Staten Island, N.Y., file for union election
Amazon workers at a cluster of warehouses in Staten Island filed a petition with the National Labor Relations Board’s regional office in Brooklyn on Monday
The Amazon Worker-Led Union Is Almost Ready for Election Time
The union drive is a marker for Amazon workers’ year of progress.

More media

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Commercial Observer, 5/28/21: Staten Island Labor Organizers Taking on Amazon File Charges

VICE Motherboard, 5/12/21: Amazon Warns Employees Not to Trust Their Unionizing Co-workers

Washington Examiner, 4/20/21: 'A movement': Amazon faces new union push in Staten Island after Alabama vote

Socialist Revolution, 4/1/21: Interview with Chris Smalls: “The Labor Movement Is Awakening”

The Hill, 2/23/21: Former Amazon employee on New York lawsuit against tech giant: 'This will be a huge victory for Amazon workers'

New York Daily News, 2/12/21: Amazon sues NY attorney general over COVID-19 probe

Salon, 11/13/20: Amazon worker who was fired after leading COVID-19 safety protest files lawsuit against tech giant

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Los Angeles Times, 10/4/20: Amazon workers march to Jeff Bezos’ mansion, calling for higher wages, protections

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The Grayzone, 4/2/20: Fired worker: Amazon hid COVID-19 cases and ignored pleas for protection

VICE Motherboard, 4/2/20: Leaked Amazon Memo Details Plan to Smear Fired Warehouse Organizer: ‘He’s Not Smart or Articulate’

Bloomberg Law, 3/31/20: Firing of Amazon Strike Leader Draws State and City Scrutiny

Gothamist, 3/31/20: NYC Investigating Amazon's Firing Of Worker Who Helped Organize Staten Island Strike

Left Voice, 3/31/20: #ReHireChrisSmalls, Amazon Worker Fired for Organizing Walkout

CBS News, 3/31/20: Amazon fires worker who organized Staten Island warehouse walkout

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Fast Company, 3/30/20: On the front lines of today’s Amazon warehouse walkout: A labor organizer fired, another COVID-19 case

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