How can Amazon workers join the union?

Sign an authorization card, join the Days Organizing Committee or the Nights Organizing Committee, volunteer to distribute information, talk to your coworkers, attend events, share news, fundraise, contribute art or music, everything helps.

If you work at Amazon JFK8, LDJ5, DYY6, or DYX2 in Staten Island, you can join the Amazon Labor Union by signing up. If you have any questions about ALU membership, you can send an email to:

If you work at Amazon at a different site, and want to start organizing your worksite, you can get in touch to coordinate strategy and tactics with worker organizers nationally.  

Even if you don't work at Amazon, there are a plenty of ways you can support the cause:

Follow ALU on Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook (and share posts)
Subscribe to ALU Newsletter (and share it with friends)
Attend ALU events (and invite friends)
Volunteer onsite or remotely (and bring friends?)

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