What do dues pay for?

Dues are how every union is funded. Dues cover the costs of our union, so that all the services the ALU offers are free to members. We can hire a legal team to defend us, negotiators to win a strong contract, union staff to help us fight, shop stewards in the warehouses, strike funds, and more.

Dues also cover union apparel, union events and food, office space to organize, and all the other minor costs of running an efficient and effective union. Ultimately, what the ALU dues will be spent on will be up to the all of the workers to decide democratically.

The spending of union dues is subject to federal oversight, with annual financial reports required to be submitted to the Office of Labor Management Standards, a branch of the Department of Labor. Unions with an annual budget of over $250,000 must submit a form annually called an LM2, which are publicly searchable online. Unions also provide annual reports with financial information to all of their members, as the ALU will.

Here is an example of the union budget breakdown from CUNY's faculty union, showing how the union dues were spent on union operations to protect and empower workers:

Budget breakdown of the Professional Staff Congress-City University of New York (PSC-CUNY). Care of: PSC Staff.

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