Upcoming Events:

6/17-6/19: Labor Notes Conference

TBD: ALU Organizing Conference

Past Events:

5/1/22: May Day Joint Call to Action: ALU and Starbucks Workers United

4/25-4/29/22: ALU Election at LDJ5

4/24/22: ALU Rally for LDJ5 Election

4/8/22: "We Made History" Press Conference at JFK8

4/1/22: ALU Election Victory Party!

3/25-3/30/22: ALU Election at JFK8

3/20/22: ALU Rally to Win at JFK8 and LDJ5

3/11/22: ALU Phone Banking Party at UNITE HERE

3/11/22: ALU Fundraiser Party at Starr Bar

3/4/22, 3/12/22-3/15/22: ALU Phone Banking at WAAR

3/2/22: LDJ5 Election Petition Accepted

2/26/22: Amazon/Starbucks Worker Solidarity Rally at Barclays Center

2/18/22: ALU Fundraiser Concert at The People's Forum

2/2/22: LDJ5 Petition for Election Filed

1/26/22: JFK8 Election Petition Accepted

1/17/22: Martin Luther King Jr. Day Rally at Amazon JFK8

1/12/22: Jeff Bezos Birthday Protest at 7 West 34th Street

12/22/21: Walkout and Rally at Times Square: Election Refiled and Settlement Won

12/15/21: Sexual Harassment Protest at Amazon LDJ5

11/26/21: ALU Thanksgiving Feast for Amazon Workers at Amazon Staten Island

11/25/21: Black Friday Walkout and Protest at the Penthouses of Bezos and Schultz

11/23/21: Vigil For Amazon Worker Killed Onsite at Amazon Staten Island

11/14/21: Democratic Socialists of America Panel: Organizing Amazon

11/6/21: ALU March at Peoplehood Parade in Philadelphia

10/25/21: ALU Election Petition—Press Conference and Rally at NLRB and Amazon

9/4/21: Labor Day Rally in Union Square

8/11/21: ALU Press Conference at Amazon Staten Island

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