How much will dues be if the workers win the election?

The proposed dues are: $2.50 per paycheck for Part-Time Associates, $5.00 for Full-Time–this is less than 1% of our weekly paychecks. No worker will contribute any dues from their paycheck without first voting on dues and signing a Dues Authorization Form.

Amazon workers do not have a lot of money (which is why we are forming a union) so dues must be lower than most other unions. These proposed dues amounts are open to democratic discussion and will be subject to majority agreement by vote of all ALU members before any collection will begin.

Dues pay for all of the union operation costs, including a legal team to defend us, negotiators to win a strong contract, union staff to help us fight, shop stewards in the warehouses, strike funds, and more. As with everything in our democratic union, what the dues are spent on will be up to workers to decide together.

See more in the section, "What do dues pay for?"

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