How do workers elect officers?

The ALU makes decisions through voting, consensus, and committee. All officers must be elected by ALU members. The current ALU Executive Board and Constitution are serving on a temporary basis: members may propose any amendments or changes they see fit and may run for any union position.

The current version of the ALU Constitution and By-Laws details all of the policies that have been democratically decided by the members of the union up to this point:

These policies can be modified, rescinded, or replaced by vote of union members during officially scheduled union meetings.

Once the ALU wins our union election, we will hold a vote for all workers in the collective bargaining unit to democratically elect our members of the bargaining committee, which will represent all of the workers in negotiations with Amazon's corporate representatives.

During the contract negotiation period, workers will also democratically decide on the details of paying dues to maintain the union that protects us all. Those dues that we decide upon will not take effect until a new contract is negotiated and ratified by worker majority.

For more detailed information, consult the Unit Unionizing Guide, especially these entries:

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