What do workers demand from Amazon?

ALU members decide by worker democracy what matters most and must change at Amazon. Our core demands include pay raises appropriate to the high cost-of-living, actual Paid Sick Days, job security so we can't be fired at will, a shuttle service for workers from all five boroughs, and more.

As an independent, worker-led, democratic union, the Amazon Labor Union's demands are decided by the workers together.

First of all, we demand to be recognized by Amazon, Inc. as the union of Staten Island's warehouse workers—at JFK8, LDJ5, DYY6, and DYX2—so that we can all be joined together in a collective unit to negotiate a new labor contract with Amazon management.

We demand dignity and fairness in our conditions of employment: we demand to be treated as human beings and not mere replaceable appendages to the robots and algorithms that run the warehouses.  

We intend to negotiate higher wages, better benefits, more time off, and safety protections, like other unions usually win in new labor contracts. And workers should be expected to mobilize around other demands particular particular to Amazon, like the right to our phones, the reinstatement of hazard pay, or a free shuttle service to Matrix Park.

ALU demands a workplace democracy—and the democracy decides the rest.

Before we win the right to be recognized as a union, and before we can win a contract, the workers have demands that we are making Amazon accept through our organizing activity as the ALU. We demanded that Amazon respond to worker reports of sexual harassment, and we picketed to call out management complicity. We demanded that Amazon cease harassing worker organizers, and the NLRB agreed, and Amazon signed a national settlement. We've demanded that Amazon protect workers with a safe pandemic policy, and the New York Attorney General agreed, and took up the demand against Amazon.

Even before making demands of Amazon, we've organized mutual aid and support among our coworkers. The Amazon Labor Union is about worker solidarity as much as it is about higher wages. ALU members have raised funds for coworkers in need, given out thousands of dollars of food, drinks, medicine, and supplies to coworkers, educated thousands of coworkers about their rights as workers, offered advice and guidance on work issues, and supported, inspired, and collaborated with union organizers and others across the country and around the world. We've marched together, we've sung together, we've eaten pizza together, we've made community together.

We are not trying to become a labor union. We are here. We are the Amazon Labor Union, the independent, democratic union of Amazon workers in Staten Island, and we demand that Amazon management recognize that fact and begin collective bargaining with the workers. We must finally inaugurate workplace democracy at Amazon in the United States, in which the workers participate in deciding the terms of our own labor contract.

You can have what you ask for, ask for

–Diane Di Prima, Revolutionary Letter #19

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