We demand 8 immediate changes from Amazon.

The ALU demands immediate changes to policies regarding health and safety, pay, promotions, overtime, working conditions, transportation, time, and union-busting.

Because Amazon has been making radical workplace policy changes during our union election period which have imposed new burdens upon our coworkers, we the workers of the Amazon Labor Union are proposing 8 immediate changes that will improve the lives of all Associates:

1. Health and Safety: Amazon should immediately provide Associates who are injured at work with Paid Time Off for the remainder of the day.

Amazon often forces Associates to use their own PTO or UPT when they get injured, or will refer them to Workers Compensation, which is bureaucratic and confusing. Instead, Amazon should send workers home with pay so that they can properly heal.

2. Pay: Amazon should give a 7.5% inflation adjustment for all Tier 1-3 Associates.

We need an immediate wage raise to meet our expenses amid the rising cost of living.

3. Promotions: Amazon should expand Tier 2 to include all Critical Roles.  

All PGs, Acting PAs, Water Spiders, Problem Solvers, Learning Ambassadors, and Amnesty/Robotics positions should be classified as Tier 2 and receive a $1.75/hour raise to account for the extra work, training, and skill required to perform these roles.

4. Overtime: Amazon should end the overtime cap on Part-Time and Flex Associates.

Amazon recently capped Part-Time and Flex Associates at 42 hours with no notice. We are calling on them to reverse this policy immediately.

5. Working Conditions: Amazon should reinstate 20-minute breaks.

Last October, Amazon abruptly cut our breaks by 5 minutes. We need that time back.

6. Transportation: Amazon should run a direct shuttle between the St. George Ferry terminal and Matrix Park.

The overcrowding on the S40 and S90 is dangerous and unsustainable. We don’t need more public buses, we need a private shuttle service for Amazon workers immediately.

7. Time: Amazon should count UPT in minutes instead of hours.

If workers are 7 minutes late to work, Amazon should take 7 minutes of UPT, not 1 hour.

8. Union-Busting: Amazon should allow ALU representatives into their anti-union “trainings” to explain our side.

Amazon will not allow ALU worker-organizers into their mandatory anti-union meetings. When ALU president Chris Smalls came onsite to give out food and answer questions, General Manager Felipe Santos had him and two of our coworkers arrested by the police.

Amazon must not implement any more policy changes that hurt our coworkers. Instead, we demand that management immediately implement these 8 changes.

Exigimos 8 cambios inmediatos de Amazon.

Porque Amazon ha estado violando flagrantemente la ley laboral federal al realizar cambios a la política interna durante un periodo de elección, los trabajadores del Sindicato de Trabajadores de Amazon (Amazon Labor Union) proponen 8 cambios inmediatos que realmente mejorarían las vidas de todos los Asociados.

  1. Salud y seguridad: Cuando los trabajadores se lastiman en el trabajo, Amazon debe proporcionarlos PTO (Tiempo Libre Remunerado) por el resto del día laboral.
  2. Paga: Un aumento de 7.5% como ajuste de inflación para todos los Asociados de Nivel 1-3, para reflejar el mayor coste de vida.
  3. Promociones: Expansión de posiciones en Nivel 2 para incluir todos los puestos críticos, incluyendo PGs (Guías de Proceso), PAs (Asistentes de Proceso), Water Spiders, (arañas de agua) Solucionadores de Problemas, Embajadores de Aprendizaje, Amnistía, y Robótica. Posiciones de Nivel 2 debe recibir un aumento de sueldo de $1.75 por hora.
  4. Tiempo extra: Quitar el límite de 42 horas en Overtime para los trabajadores Part-Time (Tiempo Parcial) y Flex.
  5. Condiciones: Regresar a los descansos más largos (35 minutos para Días y 20 minutos para Noches.
  6. Transporte: Amazon debe mantener un autobús lanzadera del terminal de transbordadores de St. George, y reembolso de peajes para los trabajadores que usan coche.
  7. Tiempo libre: Cambiar las deducciones de UPT (Tiempo No Pagado) de horas a minutos, para que si llegas 7 minutos tarde, pierdes solo 7 minutos de UPT en vez de 1 hora.
  8. Acción anti-sindical: Amazon debe permitir un organizador-trabajador del ALU en sus “capacitaciones” anti-sindicales para explicar nuestro lado y contestar preguntas.

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