Amazon vs. ALU

Amazon has spent an estimated $59 million dollars fighting its own workers organizing the Amazon Labor Union over the past year. We propose that Amazon stop spending money on anti-union consultants and classes and distribute the money as an $8,900.00 Union Bonus to all Staten Island Associates.

Just look how many Unfair Labor Practice charges that ALU organizers have had to file with the National Labor Relations Board since we began our union campaign last April. Each one of the charges represents a violation of federal law and an interference with workers' legally protected rights to organize by Amazon management.

Unfair Labor Practices—Amazon, Staten Island:

29-CA-291424 February 28, 2022
29-CA-291182 February 24, 2022
29-CA-290880 February 17, 2022
29-CA-289893 January 27, 2022
29-CA-287940 December 16, 2021
29-CA-287614 December 13, 2021
29-CA-286577 November 19, 2021
29-CA-285900 November 5, 2021
29-CA-286272 November 5, 2021
29-CA-285445 November 1, 2021
29-CA-284417 October 12, 2021
29-CA-282693 September 9, 2021
29-CA-280386 July 23, 2021
29-CA-280153 July 16, 2021
29-CA-278982 June 22, 2021
29-CA-278701 June 16, 2021
29-CA-277598 May 21, 2021
29-CA-277198 May 17, 2021

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